GEON Releases New Version of Portal

geon_portal.gifA new version of the GEON Portal has been released ( and is also accessible via the project website at Users will find that the look and feel of the portal is now similar to the GEON web site, with several new features. These include an improved interface for ‘advanced search’; greater capabilities for accessing, processing, and monitoring LIDAR data and jobs; an updated version of SYNSEIS; and a new ‘MyProjects’ feature that enables users to create project based personal work areas, within which one can share resources, ideas, and collaborate with others via various built-in tools like wikis, document sharing tools, and discussion forums. On the software end, the portal has a more modular, cleaner design with upgraded versions of databases and the software stack. This release includes an improved hardware infrastructure to support greater stability of the GEON portal, as well as many reported “bug fixes”. The website has a “Portal” tab that takes users directly to the portal. Conversely, the portal has a “GEON Website” tab that will take users directly back to the GEON website.