UTEP to Develop Cyber-ShARE Center of Excellence

GEON co-PI’s, Ann Gates and Vladik Kreinovich (UTEP), along with Paulo Pinheiro da Silva (UTEP Computer Science), Aaron Velasco (UTEP Geological Sciences), Craig Tweedie (UTEP Environmental Sciences), Leticia Velazquez and Miguel Argaez (UTEP Computational Math), and Brian Giza (UTEP Education) have been awarded a $5,000,000 grant from NSF to create the Cyber-ShARE Center of Excellence (Sharing resources through Cyber-infrastructure to Advance Research and Education).

The Cyber-ShARE Center team will address the challenge of providing information to scientists and other users of cyber-infrastructure (CI) that allows them to make informed decisions about the resources that they retrieve and to have confidence in using results from CI-based applications. Innovative research will be conducted to facilitate the development of CI-based applications and increase their use by scientists by enhancing CI results with provenance information, trust recommendations, and uncertainty levels (areas that are recognized as essential for the success of CI); by creating scientist-centered tools and artifacts; and by contributing CI resources to appropriate CI portals including GEON.

In addition, the synergistic and multi-disciplinary subprojects will advance knowledge in: provenance to capture knowledge about uncertainty and trust using results from discipline experts; the physical properties of the Earth by studying CI-based techniques and approaches for integrating data with varying accuracy and sensitivity; and optimization of data streams and sensor arrays in ecological and environmental networks by targeting improved characterization of environmental phenomenon and processes.