GEON to Hold Workshop at University of Hyderabad, India


A GEON Cyberinfrastructure Workshop will be held at the University of Hyderabad, India, on Aug 3-8, 2007. This is the second such workshop in India. The first was held in October 2005. The workshop is being co-organized by GEON collaborators, Prof. K.V. Subbarao, University Center for Earth and Space Sciences, Prof. Arun Agarwal, Center for Modeling, Simulation, and Design, University of Hyderabad, and GEON PI, Chaitan Baru. Workshop instructors include SDSC team members Ashraf Memon and Sandeep Chandra. Information about the workshop is available at The GEON activity in India is supported by a grant from the Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF). The PIs for that grant are Profs. Subbarao and Agarwal (India), and Dr. Baru, Prof. Randy Keller, and Prof. Mark Gahegan (US).